Our Guide to Living in Los Gatos

Our Guide to Living in Los Gatos

  • Don Knight
  • 01/24/23

Los Gatos is a small town in Santa Clara county on the southwestern edge of San Jose. Locals love Los Gatos for its proximity to the Santa Cruz mountains and for its thriving downtown area. There are also plenty of excellent local parks to enjoy. Perhaps you’re thinking about making a move to the area and you’re wondering what living in Los Gatos, California is like. Read on for insights that will help you envision what your daily life could be like if you choose to move to Los Gatos.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Los Gatos is higher than the national average. The main contributing factor is the cost of housing. The average home costs around $1.7 million in Los Gatos, which is exponentially higher than the national average of $260,000. This is to be expected for a home in Silicon Valley, where the average cost of a home is over $1 million in most neighborhoods. Other expenses such as transportation, utilities, and groceries are also higher than the national average, but not by a large margin.


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The Los Gatos-Saratoga Union School District often receives high ratings from students and parents. Los Gatos High School is one of the top high schools in the entire state of California. The school district also oversees eight elementary schools and two middle schools. The district is well-known in the area for their arts and technology programs as well as their commitment to supporting students with special needs. Los Gatos students tend to score higher than average on standardized tests.

In Los Gatos, there are several prominent private schools, including Saint Mary School and The Harker School. While Saint Mary School serves children through the eighth grade, The Harker School provides programs for students through the 12th grade.

Housing market

The current market for homes in Los Gatos is fairly competitive. Home prices are down in recent months, but this has become a common occurrence in many housing markets across the country due to the rise in interest rates. Homes continue to sell in less than a month’s time on average, with many homes receiving multiple offers. If a home is under especially high demand, it can go under contract in less than two weeks.


The Bay Area is known for its pleasant mild climate, and Los Gatos residents get to enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the year. July and August are the hottest months of the year, with average daily high temperatures of 85 degrees. December is the coldest month of the year, but daily highs often reach into the upper 50s. Rain is uncommon during the summer, but you can expect six to seven days of rain each month between December and March.


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Los Gatos is home to several excellent local restaurants. You can always find something new to enjoy regardless of what you’re craving. Manresa is well-known for Chef David Kinch’s constantly-evolving menu featuring dishes made using primarily locally-sourced ingredients. The Table is a small, intimate restaurant where guests can enjoy delicious California meals made using organic components. Lovers of French food will want to visit Epernay Bistro, where they can enjoy their meals on an outdoor patio.

Things to do

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You can always head north into San Jose or San Francisco if you want to enjoy the many attractions and exciting opportunities that each city provides. Rumor has it that the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose is haunted, and even those who are skeptical can still appreciate the unique architecture of the building. There are also plenty of fun things to do for those who want to stay closer to home.

Head into downtown Los Gatos to take a stroll and visit some of the area’s best shopping boutiques. Or explore the Los Gatos Creek Trail when you’re ready to walk, jog, or bike along a ten-mile trail that provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery.

Employment opportunities

The Los Gatos economy is strong, and there are plenty of opportunities for employment in the area. Given that Los Gatos sits in Silicon Valley, you’ll have no trouble finding jobs in the tech industry. Many financial institutions also choose Los Gatos for their headquarters, and there are plenty of jobs in the healthcare field as well. Others may prefer to search for jobs in retail or hospitality, and since the city is rapidly growing there are always opportunities for skilled construction professionals to find work.


Most Los Gatos residents own vehicles and use them to get around. The city sits close to major highways such as Highway 17 and State Route 9. Both roads can take you throughout the region. Some people take advantage of the VTA (Valley Transportation Authority) to head into San Jose and Campbell via light rail. The layout of the city’s downtown areas makes it easy to get from place to place by walking, and there are many electric scooters and bikes available for rental as well.

You’ll have to head further north to access the nearest BART station to get into San Francisco or Oakland, with the best option perhaps being the Barryesa/North San Jose stop. The Bay Area is home to several international airports that offer nonstop flights to many destinations throughout the country and world. San Jose International Airport is the closest option, but you can also book flights from the airports in San Francisco and Oakland.

Once you determine that living in Los Gatos, California, is the right fit for you, contact real estate agent Don Knight. Don loves living in Los Gatos and he takes great pride in helping each client find a home in the area that meets their needs and enhances their life.

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